Ivonne Ibs


Freelance Strategy Director

You are an agency and are looking for a freelance lead strategist or campaign architect? 
You have tons of pitch requests but no manpower to win the pitch, make sure the client is onboarded professionally all while setting up a team for the account? 
Happy to help!

Brand Communication

You want to position your product or service in the competitive consumer lifestyle context?
You have a great product and want to extend your offer to new target groups?
I can help you develop a solid brand and communication strategy, that translates into sales.

Agency Consulting & Operations

Want to talk about your  agency positioning and find out if your services are future-proof? 
Do you need help with your pricing, team set-up or account profitability?
With over 10 years of experience working in top agencies and valuable years on the client side, I can help you to succesfully structure your agency business.


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